Attention Meals on Wheels Driver

Web Master • 20 June 2020
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Attention Meals on Wheels Driver

During this COVID-19 State of Emergency:

When delivering, distance yourself from the meal participant; stay 6 feet away from the recipient AT ALL TIMES. Knock or ring door bell. If they have a place to leave the meal outside, make sure you see them pick up their meal. Make sure you say hello. Otherwise, open door (if unlocked), acknowledge that they are okay, set the meal down and leave. If the meal recipient is closer than 6 feet – please ask them kindly to step back for their own health and safety. Remember, a friendly hello is still an important part of meal delivery. You must set eyes on a person while staying at least 6 feet away.

We will provide you with several fabric masks. They will be yours to keep. Wash and dry them, and bring one to wear each time you report to duty. You will be provided disposable poly gloves to use with each meal and each stop. You are touching door knobs and surfaces from one home to the next. These disposable gloves need to be changed between each stop for your safety and the safety of the meal participant. Wash your hands immediately before and after your meal route, as well. Report anything unusual to the site manager immediately upon your return, or call 911 in case of emergency. We will also have sanitizer and extra gloves and masks should you need them. PLEASE let us know if you need anything. We will supply you with what you need!

Any questions or concerns - please call the Cattaraugus County Dept of the Aging (716)373-8032.