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  1. A complete description of the problem you found
  2. The name of the topic or topics where you found the problem.
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  4. For multi-lingual content ... the language you are reading the guide in

What to expect after reporting the issue

  1. Someone will be in touch within a few business days.
  2. Contact the Web Technician if your issue hasn't been addressed within that time period.

Read Before Filling Out Form

To stay in touch about an issue then be sure to either create an account or login to your account; This will allow you to view the issues that you've submitted and to receive updates.

Issue Meta Data
Do NOT use tags for adding random keywords or duplicating any other fields. Separate terms with a comma, not a space.
Issue Summary
An issue summary is a concise overview of a full issue report. Issue summaries need to be written if the issue has more than a few comments and/or an average editor cannot understand the subject matter after a few minutes of study. These summaries are key sources of information for editors and users who need to skim large amounts of issues and information quickly.
For content issues please enter the URL address of the page.
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