EDPT Handbook

Hello and welcome to the documentation for the Cattaraugus County Dept. of Economic Development, Planning & Tourism (EDPT). If you are reading this then you most likely are a website editor to at least one of EDPT's websites.

This manual is maintained to help content creators to communicate more effectively.

This manual is a "living document" so please edit and create.

Communication = Continuous Effort

Communication requires continuous effort. Websites, brands/identities, social media are some of the various ways that we communicate. So continuous effort is to be applied but how? We hope that the EDPT Guidebook answers most of our questions and that it is improved upon for EDPT staff and collaborators.

Where did this documentation come from?

Documentation is being created from documentation in the following systems:

What are we trying to achieve?

  • Improve our foundation of knowledge on processes, procedures, best practices and history of the department.

  • Create a content strategy for each website

  • Lack of identities to sites and sections of sites. We will create core values for each site.

  • Identify Audiences

  • Unify the each site’s look with the site’s core values.

  • Identify what visual patterns exist.

  • Create guidelines and rationale for us to build upon new features, interactions, styles and platforms (social media).

  • Assess and make incremental improvements

Quick Workshop Once a Month

Quick iterations of change.

We are rebuilding our foundation of content.

Set at least one day of the month like we have with our Department Meeting.

Learn something from each other.