PPE, Signage & Cleaning Products

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Social Distancing Markers, Signage, or Cleaning Products that you will need at Aging's SWAN sites.

Describe any COVID-19 related signage you may need for your Department. Signage may include social distancing markings for the floor, posters regarding hand washing, social distancing, wearing of masks, etc. Please include approximate quantities and information on example signage if available.

Please see Safety Plan SWAN Sites / Congregate Meals.


NOTE: PPE, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, thermometers, etc. all will be ordered through the Machias kitchen plan for ALL SWAN sites, so all answers below will say "NO" needs.

  1. "Stop/Please wait here" social distancing floor foot print circles or diamonds or repeat markers to show distancing to adhere to floor x6 (12 Olean)
  2. "Please wait here" wall sign x4
  3. Social distancing wall signage x4
  4. Proper Mask wearing/care wall signage x3
  5. Proper hand washing x3

Do you need Masks/Face Coverings for your employees? No

Do you need Eye Protection for your employees? No

Do you need Protective Clothing for your employees? No

Do you need Hand Sanitizer for this location? No

Do you need Cleaning / Disinfecting Supplies? No

Do you need gloves? No

Do you need any Thermometers? No