Eclipse Planning References

Jeremy Knab • 21 June 2022

References for the Eclipse group for planning the Eclipse 2024 in the Enchanted Mountains (Cattaraugus County).

About the 2024 Eclipse

It's a solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, a Monday. This is considered a special planned event. Learn more about Eclipse America 2024 with the American Astronomical Society.

Important times for the Solar Eclipse in Cattaraugus County are from 2:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Maps of 2024 Solar Eclipse

History of US Total Eclipses


A fun, safe eclipse for the residents and visitors of the Enchanted Mountains.


What do we expect at the moment? We expect to have an influx of visitors to Western New York State to view the solar eclipse.

For the solar eclipse, we have to plan how we want to:

  • communicate and educate residents and visitors
  • handle a surge of visitors and traffic
  • promote places to watch
  • handle the weather as it will either be snowy or muddy


Create a working group, create a plan with goals and implement it.

Recommendations for the Group

Any individual interested in planning for the eclipse is welcome to participate in the group.

We are also looking for:

  • astronomers / members of local astronomical association
  • people in tourism, marketing and communications
  • municipal officials
  • transportation officials (Local, County Dept. of Public Works, State and Federal)
  • Photographers and Videographers

Did You Know?

  • Within the "path of totality" there is a short period of time that you may take off your safety glasses and look directly at the total solar eclipse. Outside the path of totality, you will not want to take off your glasses.
  • The City of Olean is outside of the "path of totality", Total Solar Eclipse, but would make an excellent place to stay
  • Most of the Village of Allegany is inside the "path of totality" (Total Solar Eclipse)
  • The closest Town in Catt. County to the center of the Solar Eclipse path is Perrysburg.

Articles & Pages To Review

Please read or skim the following articles.

Eye Safety

There are ways to safely look at the sun; as without eye protection you can cause serious eye damage or blindness.

How to view a Solar Eclipse Safely, American Astronomical Society

Solar Glasses and Filters

See Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters and Viewers, American Astronomical Society.

Solar Glasses

Solar Filter for Camera / Telescope

Emergency Management

Catt. County Office of Emergency Services (OES) will lead on emergency management.

Transportation & Traffic

Discuss traffic and transportation around Catt. County on the day of the eclipse.


Traffic Planned Special Events: Checklists for Practitioners, U.S. DOT


  • Fact Sheet
  • Checklist for Places that want to host watch parties (shutoff automatic lights)
  • List of Places that want to host watch parties
  • Create event schedule
  • Identify great vantage points
  • Places for photos
  • Eclipse Event Page on EM (accommodations, itineraries, other things to do)
  • Winter / Mud Camping
  • Checklist for visitors (safety glasses, chair, winter/rain gear, what to expect)
  • Timeline for planning -