Your Certificates on TheEAP

Jeremy Knab • 10 February 2023


Cattaraugus County has used the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for training courses. The EAP is a division of ESI Employee Assistance Group and Life Advantages, LLC.






How to Get Your Certificates

The steps are outlined below:.

  1. In your web browser visit
  2. In the navigation menu click on the "Member Login" menu item.
    Member Login link on
  3. This will direct you to and to sign in. Please note that this site may timeout (stop on a page), and you won't get to the page you want to be at. If this happens then try to refresh the page.
    Sign in on
  4. Sign in with your username and password
  5. After you sign in, you'll be taken to website after logging in
  6. Scroll down to Training Center
    Scroll down and click on Training Center
  7. A lightbox window will appear with a title of "Training Center". Click on Comprehensive Training Library
    Click on Comprehensive Library
  8. In the navigation menu, click on "Home" menu item
    Click on navigation menu on
  9. A drop-down menu will appear in which you will click on the "My Learning" menu item
    Click on My Learning in the navigation of
  10. If you do not have a transcripts tab then you may see something like the following:
    No Activity on lms.bizlibrary
  11. If you have a certificate then there will be a transcripts tab which you would click on.
    transcripts tab on
  12. Click on the certificate icon of the course to view/download your certificate as a PDF file.
    click on certificate icon to download certificate for course
  13. For most users, the PDF file will be saved automatically to your computer's downloads folder.
  14. Click on the Folder Icon on your computer's task bar to open Windows Explorer.
    Windows Explorer Folder Icon on Windows Taskbar
  15. Click on "This PC"
    "This PC" in Windows Explorer on computer
  16. Click on the "Downloads" folder.
  17. The file with your certificate may be in there.
  18. Open Microsoft Outlook to compose an email.
  19. Click on New Email button
    In Microsoft Outlook, Click on New Email
  20. A new email window will appear in which you will click on the "Attach File" button.
    Click on Attach File button
  21. Click on the link to "Browse this PC"
    Click on "Browse this PC" button
  22. Click on "Downloads"
    Click on "Downloads"
  23. Click on the file containing your certificate
    Click on the file containing your certificate
  24. Click the "Insert" button
    Click on the "Insert" button
  25. Send the email to staff that require the certificate.



Contact Risk Management in regards to trainings.