Total Solar Eclipse Planning Meeting with Emergency Services

Event date 18 Jan '24 10:00 - 11:00

Total Solar Eclipse Planning Meeting with Cattaraugus County Office of Emergency Services

Organizations Attending

  • St. Bona
  • Ellicottville
  • Seneca Nation
  • Emergency Prepareness
  • Sheriff's Office
  • NYLE Railroad

Images and Videos of the path of totality

Check out 2017 Eclipse information

Areas of Concentration

Where are we planning on people congregating?

St. Bonas

no eclipse party - Science clubs


Not sure - collaborating

Griffis Sculpture Park

In the works

Seneca Nation

  • Gaming Corp is planning on Eclipse viewing for client
  • Seneca Nation of Indians is planning a viewing party at the Seneca Museum

They don't plan on having an event that is bigger than 5K people

Identified Issue - individuals came in to share that they heard that people would be hanging out along I-86!!!

NYLE Railroad

Not sure at this time due to a safety concerns. ~180 people would have to get out of train onto hill.

Safety Glasses

Tourism has eclipse safety glasses available for request at

ES Goals

  1. Safety that day
  2. Keep people off the road as long as possible.
    How: Schedule things earlier for that day
  3. Eclipse viewing

Planning Assumptions

  • Weekend travel busier
  • Travel Monday morning may be a little heavier than normal
  • Monday afternoon travel may be horrible
  • x

Hotel Occupancy

What is lodging occupancy during that time period?

Allegany State Park and campgrounds too

Safety Plan

NYS wants safety plan from Cattaraugus County

Anticipated Issues

  • Dispatch issues when someone needs help
  • Educational information for public like on how animals and people may act weird the day of the eclipse
  • Cell Phone issues - Organizations encouraged to setup copper line for phone

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